Content designer

By day I am a content designer. This means giving people the right content, when they need it, so they can get on with their lives.

I am bilingual – with English and Welsh


How to make good online video content

If you are involved in any marketing work it is likely that you have created or commissioned video at some point, but was it good online video content that…

3 reasons why email marketing is still important

It is al too easy to neglect the reasons why email marketing is still important today. When the ‘shiny new thing’ arrived – namely social media – many marketers forgot about their mailing…

What makes great digital content?

This week I’m asking a very open ended question because I’m considering which elements are necessary to make great digital content. You may feel this is a foolish question,…

More background and experience

I currently work as a Senior Content Designer at the Centre for Digital Public Services.

Look at my LinkedIn profile for more details.